This is a department within the Rockid ibiza family that caters exclusively to organizing the most amazing events in Ibiza, offering a wide range of different services to groups, companies and families looking to experience the best of the island. We have experience in a full range of team-building activities and incentive options, as well as comprehensive event management services on Ibiza and beyond. What set’s us apart is our passion for making your day amazing, our own team eneergy and using the incredible opportunities that the nature in ibiza provides for us.


With its many hotels and incredible hospitality, Ibiza is ideal for hosting any company event, whether it’s a conference, an international meeting or any other event. Rockid will deliver fantastic events using the island’s best features.


Ibiza is the perfect place to briong you group to experience fun, teambuilding challenges, the incredible views and enjoy the best the island has to offer.


Our team have a lot of experience with private events, from family holidays, life celebrations, weddings, proposals or just a group of friends looking to have a great time. After our initial contact with you, we customize each of our propsoals. Rockid has got you covered.

Ibiza’s landscape lends itself to amazing shots, the difference in seasons means that the island is almost empty in winter, yet sunny. It’s the perfect island for any production. Our team has years of experience in international media, producing campaigns, brand activations and local productions.

If there is one thing that Rockid Excels at, it is at organizing the very best outdoor experiences on the island, both on land and in the sea. Any event or production can have an element of outdoor built in. Our outdoor experiences vary from exciting and adventurous like cliff jumping and E-biking to luxurious and relaxing like spending a fully catered day on a yacht. The possibilities are endless.

We do want to remind you that Cliff Jumping is a potentially dangerous activity that should not be tried without the guidance of an experienced instructor. Our team is vigilant with safety and carries a first aid kit and water rescue gear at all times.

Consulting and Management

If you need any assistance or advice on your existing event or production, or if you are unable to travel to the island, we are happy to help! Our team of local specialists can produce and execute your project for you on the island, even remotely. If you need local assistance, we can consult and make sure your project runs efficiently and effectively.

Legal Stuff & Staffing

Running events and productions on the island comes with an administrative side. Rockid Events can assist in getting all the right paperwork and licenses in order to ensure all runs smoothly. We have a database with trained staff for any kind of event or productions including hostesses, waitresses, event coordinators, fixers and production assistants.

Accommodation & transport

Over the years we have built a strong and trusted network with local accommodation. We can help you with any accommodation requests, from campsites to hotels, to high end villas. Our portfolio includes them all. We can also help you getting around on the island and its waters. Our transport partners are reliable and professional, whether it is a private driver, a (party)bus, private yachts, event boats or even a hot air balloon, we guarantee the best experience possible.