kids activities in eivissa
kids activities in ibiza

Since 2013, during the months of July and August we have prepared a summer camp
where local kids, expat kids and visitor kids, can enjoy the most adrenaline and fun
combination of multi activities in a super cool outdoor program.

A camp where, in addition to have fun and give parents a well deserve break, spending
all their endless energy and making friends, we challenge kids to learn and enjoy
different activities and adventures in the middle of nature to:

Develop their strength and skills 

Improve their physical condition

Enhance their resilience and mobility 

Gain confidence and self-esteem

Test their adaptability

Improve their social skills

And, above all, make friends forever. 

No special equipment or clothing. Only the swimsuit, swater shoes for the rocks and the desire to learn to fly. A first jump into the water and we begin to enjoy. And to learn. And to face our fears.

This is Cliff jumping, a spectacular sport in which children, guided by our expert monitors and in complete safety, enjoy the wonderful experience of jumping into the sea from the rocks, while learning both the technique to make the jumps with safety and how to overcome their limits, face their fears and enjoy with their friends, surrounded by nature, in the most beautiful corners of the island.

NOTICE TO PARENTS: Yes, cliff diving can be considered an extreme sport, but our experience and knowledge make our classes and practices totally safe, practicing from different heights, testing the progression and ability of boys and girls, and always with one goal in mind: that children enjoy the adventure, to jump into the sea, with the utmost safety. Guaranteed 

Sneakers, a padel racket, a cap and sunscreen and we are ready to enjoy one of the trending sports of the year: padel. A racket sport that is as simple to play as it is to enjoy, no matter what level you have, and that will help children stay healthy, while improving their skills and social relationships, learning to solve problems and make decisions quickly and efficient and boost their self-esteem, without forgetting the most important factor of all: fun. Learning, camaraderie, dynamic classes and technical exercises with games, prizes and rewards to enjoy making drops, volleys and getting the ball over the fence… Or, at least, trying, cause remember: you don’t win or lose, you win or learn!

Two water sports for the most adventurous children where, in addition to gaining confidence in the water, they will learn balance and coordination skills, while enjoying spectacular tours near the coast, exploring and discovering caves and rock formations, in group excursions, guided and supervised by our expert monitors.

The perfect activity to go out on the water and enjoy the environment in a different way, in which the little ones can go in tandem to feel more comfortable and those over 12 years old can row alone, always in the company of our monitors, wearing their life jacket., his hat to protect himself from the sun and the desire to have a good time learning to navigate a kayak or stand up paddle.

The best way to enjoy the calm and transparent waters of Ibiza, while learn, exercise and have a great time with their classmates. And, as always, for even more fun, safety comes first.

One of the best ways to explore the paths and trails in the interior of the island, allowing children, no matter age or ability, to do more with less effort, reaching further, faster through ramps and climbs that become easier to ride. 

Through the forest or along the coast, always in a group and under the supervision of Rockid monitors, electric bike tours are perfect for exercising, discovering new routes around the island and having fun, whether uphill or downhill, while children enjoy a very healthy and sustainable activity.

Sneakers, helmet, sunglasses and a desire for adventure to safely enjoy an activity that is gaining more followers on the island every day. So now you know, if you want your children to spend an unforgettable summer: go electric.

An active, fun sport in full contact with nature that helps develop confidence, focus, balance, stamina, problem solving and decision making, while gaining strength and learning to know the limits and possibilities of their body.

Accompanied and supervised by our specialized monitors, boys and girls begin to learn the basic principles of climbing, including equipment, care and correct handling, while becoming aware of their surroundings, how to help and receive help from their peers and learn the basic and natural movements of climbing.

And, as in the rest of the activities, safety is the basic principle to learn to enjoy climbing and the wonderful natural environment that Ibiza offers.

Balancing on loose ropes, walking on nets suspended in the air or sliding downhill with a zip line, always attached to a safety cable, are some of the adventures that kids can enjoy, in the middle of nature, in the middle of a beautiful forest. of Mediterranean pines a few meters from the beach, during this activity.
Three different circuits, depending on height and age, with three levels of difficulty that will test the balance, agility and skills of our kids. A memorable adventure in the open air that begins with the preparation of the safety harness, the
instructors’ preparation talks and… ready to enjoy!!!

A cross between snowboarding, skateboarding and wakeboarding to learn how to ride the waves with the basic skills of the flowrider under the supervision of our specialized instructors. Whether it’s surfing, bodyboarding or kneeboarding, kids first learn the basics of safety, and then how to stand up in the boogie board, before starting with basic moves like spins, jumps, straight tackles, and other tricks as they progress through learning. A challenge and a lot of fun in an eternal wave in which boys and girls will learn to keep their balance, gain strength and, above all, enjoy the force of the water in a safe and, without a doubt, very fun environment.

Guaranteed fun in an activity that combines all kinds of inflatable attractions in the water in which you can: 

 Run through the Waterpark runaway, slide down the Zulu Waterslide, sunbathing from the Sundeck platform, jump into the water from the King of the mountain, climb Jungle Jim, relax in the Invisible Lounge 

A very fun way to spend the day in the water, jumping, diving, floating and sunbathing while enjoying the warm and transparent waters of the Mediterranean in a group, always under the careful supervision of the monitors.

Nutritive, healthy & delicious brunch and drinks daily
Tickets to the venues we will visit

If 2 sibling or more join the Summercamp.






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