The ROCKID SUMMER CAMP aims to develop children’s fundamental values, sports abilities,
environment awareness, artistic abilities, friendship, confidence in oneself and teamwork.
But most importantly, this summer camp aims to have FUN… having fun is the most important part
of a child’s development… explore, get amazed, discover, make friends and learn new things!
This Camp is recommended for active children, interested in nature and outdoor physical sports
activities. We will teach basic outdoor knowledge as well as helping them feel comfortable & safe
in the ocean. The program also includes fun artistic and development workshops such as clown,
yoga, theater and body expression. Every week we also visit a cool venue.



As every day we will meet in San Rafael at 10:00 where the transfer will pick us up. The team, with the
help of the young adventurers, will load up the van with all the equipment needed and drive to the perfect
Cala where we will spend 3 hours full or fun activities such as kayak, snorkeling, swimming, SUP & surfing
classes, beach cleaning, volleyball, spike ball, treasure hunt, games and competitions in the water. At
13:30, the transfer will pick us up and bring us back to the ROCKID HOUSE in San Rafael.


Exploring – hiking in different parts of the Island. Meeting point in San Rafael at 10:00 where the transfer
will pick us up. The team, with the help of the young adventurers, will load up the van with all the
equipment and drive to the starting point of the adventure. We will do a different hike each day where we
will explore the area, teach basic nature & outdoor knowledge, clean the area and reach a cool destination
discovering new parts of the island.


On these days we will spend the day at the ROCKID HOUSE in San Rafael. Each day there will be two
different workshops to wake up our creativity, try new things, get engaged in cool projects like theater,
building stuff, yoga & meditation, clown, corporal expression, gymnastic and more. The workshop will be
handled by a professional team and aim not only to learn, but also to enjoy and have a great time.
Workshops description:

THEATER: “Becoming a dragon that sings and goes to the moon is possible thanks to theater” The main
objective of the theater workshop is to create a space where children can express themselves and have
fun. We will use the game as a fundamental tool to reinforce social skills working as a team. We will
experience the bodily, vocal and emotional possibilities of each kid by exercising their imaginative capacity.

CIRCUS / CLOWN: Introduction workshop to the circus and its different disciplines, applying basic notions
and focusing on the material that best suits each participant. The materials are:
Juggling: balls, maces, diabolo, hoops, flower sticks, contact balls.
Balances: unicycle, cable, stilts, American roller, balance ball.
Aerial acrobatic: aerobatic fabrics, aerial hoop.

BODY EXPRESSION: Body and movement exploration workshop. The work focuses on the exploration of
physical and sensitive motors of the expression, choreographic series and group improvisations works
for games.
The class combines elements of different games and exercises for exploration and observation, both in
groups and individually, leading to creative development and movement potential of each individual.


Each Friday we will visit a different venue on the island that offers cool and interesting programs such as
Agrobosc, indoor climbing walls, horseback riding, aquarium and more.


Delicious brunch & drinks.
Tickets to the venues we will visit.
Artistic workshops with qualified artist.
All transportations from and to San Rafael on the days we are out of the house.


Season Pass (July – August): 1900€.
Month Pass (4 weeks): 1100€.
Week Pass: 350€.



Early drop from 9:00 AM – 10€ per day.
Lunch: delicious organic food will be served from 14:00 to 15:00 PM
75€ per week
280 Euro per month · +34 607 038 837