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The world has become a playground of outdoor opportunities for people looking for unique and sustainable holidays.

That’s what ROCKID offers. Fun and entertainment while going further, connecting with nature, facing our limits, and encouraging all types of outdoor and sustainable experiences on the wonderful island of Ibiza, one of the top destinations for outdoor tourism globally.
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Tourists come to Ibiza annually
in search of experiences and special moments.
0 %
Of these tourists choose at least one outdoor activity
0 %
Of visitors are between 24 and 44 years old.

We are pioneers in offering the best outdoor activities in Ibiza.


Our partners share the ROCKID spirit: passion for outdoor activities, fun and creating unforgettable experiences.

Our partners remain at the center of all our communications as we produce meaningful experiences: online and offline.

We tailor-make activities for our partners and their clients.


We help convey the message of our partners in ways that are powerful and memorable.

Using the outdoors, excitement and unforgettable moments

Through original ROCKID content on Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube of incomparable photos and videos of our most spectacular activities.

Through the creation of ad hoc videos about partner experiences, for later consumption on demand.

In weekly high season newsletters informing clients, partners,
suppliers and the public about our activities, motivational ideas and links to partner websites and social networks.

And monthly newsletters year round with content created in
partnership with you and links to your websites and social  networks.

Unique experiences for our sponsors:

Join our own team during our ROCKID team building activities


Premium activations for VIP clients, created in collaboration with and in an exclusive way with the sponsor.


Unique experiences & special promotions for customers through online and offline contests.

Logo on map delivered to
Logo, on the sponsors page,
with a brief description of the company, linked to the
company's website.
Activity page with affiliate link
Logo at the bottom of the newsletter, linked to the brand's website
Logo on signage or other materials used in activities
Video Youtube Rockid 2022
Blog posts
Presence with post in newsletter (1/ month)
Presence in content for social
networks in texts, images and
videos (4/month)
Possibility of creating joint raffles on social networks
accompanied by advertising campaigns and communication via newsletters.
Possibility of including sponsor
brochures to deliver to the client
Possibility of delivery of samples or product during the activity
Presence in events, photocall
and others
Mentions in press releases
released to specialized media
and third-party pages
2 Invitations to Rockid activities (subject to availability)
Customer discount, sales
possibility of creating a unique ad hoc experience for the brand